Monday, 13 June 2011

Facebook rules!

It's been noticeable that The Limes Facebook link gets a lot more interest than the blog.  So, for now, the blog will be quiet and updates will be on Facebook.  This may not be for ever, but for now... find us on Facebook!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Another Bank Holiday

Not quite like the previous ones though, as this one is grey and not too warm.  Never mind - lots happening here.  Purbeck Produce Market in the lane by Chococo, Purbeck Arts Week which goes from strength to strength - fantastic programme this year, and a kayak fishing competition too.
We're full for the weekend and nearly full right through Half Term, still a few gaps to fill but no family rooms.
And now - I'm off down the town to join in the fun!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Whew! No more Bank Holidays for a week or two

Been a busy week with Swanage Walking Festival taking up quite a lot of our time, both because Lyn led three walks and we had guests staying for the Festival.
It's been hazy all week and I've been telling people what lovely views they could see if only the cloud would lift.  Walking Festival finishes and it's clear as a bell - typical!
It's all gone a bit quiet for a day or two now - which is really quite nice.  Time to re-charge the batteries before the next weekend.  But if the sun goes on shining - who knows?
We're kept busy watching the bluetits who've taken up residence in our nesting boxes.  We've had the boxes for years, but only recenlty discovered that birds like them being on a north facing wall.  Moved the boxes and hey presto - we have tenants.  Hours of amusement!  Photo coming soon - hopefully!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hot weather = no blog!

From the silence on here, you can guess that things have been more than a little hectic.  Fantastic Easter in Swanage, due the hot weather, indeed, as you can see from the picture above, it felt more like August than April . 
The hot weather brought out the best in everyone and the atmosphere in town was great.

Several roads held street parties for the Royal Wedding but here in Park Road that would have been a bit of a problem - all our sausage rolls would have ended up in the Italian restaurant at the bottom of the hill!  Personally, I was glued to the television and thought the whole thing was fantastic.

And now we're in the throes of Swanage Walking Festival.  I led a walk over the ridge to Corfe yesterday in bright sunshine - sadly it was hazy so the views weren't all they could have been but we all had a great time and finished up at The Boilerhouse Gallery in Corfe which I can heartily recommend.  Easy to find, just over the footbridge at Corfe Castle station - have a look at for more information.

And now we have another Bank Holiday - great news for hoteliers, and their guests!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Welcome Jamie.

Well, the new arrival was successfully delivered at Dorchester Hospital, so Welcome to the World, Jamie.  Rather sorry his parents are not following Posh and Becks' example.  What's wrong with Purbeck as a name?
Easter is upon us but somehow the weather seems to have fooled itself into thinking it's August.  Fantastic!  We celebrated with a beer at Ocean Bay this afternoon.  Sitting on the deck in the sun there was just bliss.
And now - a full hotel for the next three nights - the season begins!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Great Expectations

A flurry of excitement here amongst all the fantastic Spring weather, as a guest is taken into Dorchester hospital having gone into labour.  Baby is due on May 1st, so we had been joking about boiling water and hot towels for several days, little expecting that anything would actually happen.
Now waiting for news...
Meanwhile, the phone is ringing off the hook for Easter weekend and the next few days as people want to take advantage of the wonderful, August-like weather.
Long may it last!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Back in the old routine

Well, there we were, sitting on our roof terrace in Spain, looking out over our beautiful white Andalucian village and the mountains beyond, and as I picked up the emails and looked at Facebook, what did I see?  "Spring has come to Swanage", "20 degrees and I'm putting on my bikini" (bit extreme in my opinion, but. still), "Just going for an ice cream".  Basically, it was as warm in Swanage as it was in our village in Almeria.  Still, we weren't working and the beer and wine is cheaper in Spain.

So we came back on Friday and hit the ground running with a busy weekend at the beginning of the Easter holidays.  Lovely to have lots of repeat guests and enjoyed the company of two Jack Russell Terriers, with separate guests, both called Scooby!  Confusion reigns!

Weather's settled down to its April average now, but Swanage is still busy - so, to the laundry.